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Film-drenched wise-asses with shrewd & entertaining stuff to say about all things movie, reviewing what’s new & previewing what’s coming, always with a special guest. Jokes, sketches, banter and lively movie conversation, it’s all here. THE MOVIE GUYS: GIVING THE INDUSTRY THE BUSINESS.

November 28th, 2013    

WALT DISNEY PICTURES PRESENTS THE MOVIE SHOWCAST (w/Joe Kraemer) - “Frozen”, “Homefront” & “Oldboy”

Showcast Episode 28: It's a holiday weekend, so The Movie Guys serve up previews of all the new films, including "Frozen", "Homefront" and "Oldboy", as well as a look at movie news.  Plus, film score composer and songwriter Joe Kraemer talks about writing the music for "Jack Reacher" and joins in a round of "Name That Tune: Film Score Edition".

The Movie Guys are Paul Preston, Karen Volpe, Adam Witt & Lee Kias
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November 21st, 2013    

THE MOVIE SHOWCAST OF THE NETWORK STARS (w/Joel Murray) - “Catching Fire”, “Delivery Man”

Showcast Episode 27: The sequel "Catching Fire" inspires an exciting episode of The Hunger Games of The Network Stars, featuring the death of scores of '70s TV stars. Plus, a preview of "Delivery Man", and a look at how Vince Vaughn got so affable. Then, TV & film actor Joel Murray sits in to talk movies and delivers an unforgettable NFL Films cast list read.
(PRISONERS spoilers abound)

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November 14th, 2013    

THE MOVIE SHOWCAST HOLIDAY (w/Matt Gourley) - “The Best Man Holiday”, “Nebraska”

Showcast Episode 26: After 14 years, the sequel "The Best Man Holiday" is here, so The Movie Guys look at other 1999 films that could use a sequel. Plus, a preview of "Nebraska" and a full-on interview with Superego's Matt Gourley, complete with Bond talk, a "Scrooged"-themed holiday movie preview, Five Questions for Other Guests, and Karen's comedy closer - this week's celebrity birthdays.

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November 8th, 2013    

“FAVOR” SCREENING, LOS ANGELES - Hosted by The Movie Guys

The Movie Guys head up a Tugg screening of the film "Favor" at the NoHo7 Theaters in North Hollywood, CA with pre-screening interviews, crowd giveaways and a Q&A featuring cast and crew.

The Movie Guys:
Paul Preston - Host and Q&A moderator
Karen Volpe - Cement carpet interviewer, Q&A plant
Lee Kias - Q&A plant
Shot & edited by Adam Witt & Paul Preston

"Favor" is directed by Paul Osborne and stars Blayne Weaver and Patrick Day
Watch Now:

November 7th, 2013    

THE MOVIE SHOWCAST - “YOU’VE BEEN GREENLIT!” (w/Matt McCarthy) - “Thor: The Dark World”, “The Book Thief” & “About Time”

Showcast Episode 25: After a preview of "Thor: The Dark World", The Movie Guys provide a glimpse of what life must be like on Asgard.  Also, a preview of "The Book Thief" inspires a game of "You've Been Greenlit!", a game of vocabulary skill where keywords in your plot can win you an Oscar.  Then comedian and actor Matt McCarthy hits the studio for a preview of "About Time" and tons of great talk about movies and professional wrestling.

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