Hollywood runs the world, whether you like it or not, and we're in the middle of it! The Movie Guys are film-drenched wise-asses with no shortage of insightful and hilarious things to say about all things movies.

Your main Movie Guy is Paul Preston. Paul's brain is hard-wired to the movie screen for film trivia, facts and 24/7 sensory overload from the entertainment mecca of the world. Paul serves up a cerebral take on what the world's greatest industry is dishing out.

There are many contributing Movie Guys to this on-going podcast, and they can't live without an unending flow of movie crack pumped straight to their aortas. The Movie Guys will give you the straight-up take on what you'll get from a movie experience, and hopefully there's blood involved. Sweet, sweet blood.

Together they cut through the celluloid tape and deliver the goods. The Movie Guys tell it to you straight.

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